Kids and Their Word Games

Having teenage children these days is such a source of entertainment. At times it seems as though they speak in a totally different language, and we older folk (I’m only in my 40’s so I say this tongue-in-cheek) have to be taught what they deem to be every-day communication. Even with their texting, all the abbreviations etc. are endless and keeping up with the terminology makes for an interesting ride.

I have my 16 ½ year old son, particularly, who loves to use the latest words that leave me bewildered. I secretly think he enjoys the banter that follows where I badger him for an explanation or meaning, and he thrives on the fact that he has one over me. But once I am able to get the meaning of the word out of him, he demands that I not use the word as it would embarrass him! Gee, thanks.

I especially love the latest word, which so commonly these days is a combination of 2 words, and that is “Traaaaaaz” (the emphasis is on drawing out the word so it sounds cool, just like Crush the Turtle in Finding Nemo where he says “Duuuude”). Now, for all of you others who haven’t heard this before, it means “true as”. This time, however, he tells me he actually wants me to use the word when his friends are around, just for a laugh and to watch their reactions.

This made me feel worthy and part of the in crowd, being allowed to use the word, but then he goes on to instruct me to make sure I use the word in context. Well, just when I was starting to feel it was ok to talk the talk, he puts me in my place again. As if I wouldn’t know when and how to use the word! But then I realized it was his way of keeping one step ahead of me in his word-game that belongs only to his generation.

To be perfectly honest, as much as I have a lot of fun with my son wanting to keep me up-to-date with the latest talk, I would never seriously use these words in everyday life – it really wouldn’t be fitting to someone my age (although the text abbreviations are actually useful). I’m quite content to communicate as I always have, using real words which are readily understood by all. I’ll leave the kids to enjoy their youth in their own way. Good on them, I say……. (Traaaaaaz)

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