Some 90’s Gold….

Looking back at the photographs of us as children on our new website it stirred something in me…nostalgia for things in my childhood that represented our generation. Tonight I am going to Perseverance, a club on Brunswick Street which is packed every Friday night. The soundtrack? All those fantastic-but-terrible dance tunes from the 90s.

Those were the days when game consoles were named based on how ‘super’ they were not how ‘fit’ they made you. We weren’t ‘pre-teens’ we were kids. Heroes came in the form of The Spice Girls’ girl power-style ass kicking, not Lindsay Lohan who got her ass kicked by the law.

As Australian kids we wondered if you felt like this, as strange things happen are you going round the twist? And what happened to Captain Planet? Maybe if he was still around, the world wouldn’t be in such a dire state.

There was no obesity crisis, we were forced to run around the school everyday and that wasn’t even for PE class! The thought of Maccas being open 24/7 was complete madness! Mum didn’t realised she disadvantaged me every day during ‘play lunch’. Who was going to swap a Roll Up (Chandon) with a Cruskit (Passion Pop) covered in peanut butter? The answer is nobody!

We played with Barbies, what is a Brat(z)? Tamagotchis got banned from class, not iphones! You communicated with your friends by calling them on the land line not commenting on their status updates.

Was the 90s long enough ago to come back in? In 30 years time will they make the Mad Men of the 90s? Somehow I don’t thing ‘Rachel’ haircuts and turtlenecks will have the same romantic nostalgia as Don’s suits and Betty’s ball gowns.

I read yesterday that this summer we will all be wearing outfits inspired by the 50s and 70s. Tune into Triple J and you will hear music that wouldn’t be out of place in a club in 1986.

Vintage-vibe advertising is also making a comeback, so far in 2010 we have seen Vegemite, Spray ‘n’ Wipe and Pantene bring elements from vintage ads back.

So what does the future of advertising hold? Will we just keep going further and further back? Or had this vintage style reached the end of the road? Will advertisers have to work harder to come up with brand new ideas to capture the audience?

On Friday night listening to Aqua, S Club 7, and 5ive wasn’t quite as good as the first time round….on opposite day!
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