Constant Evolution

Social media is the hot topic in marketing at the moment. You know you have to have something, but what’s the strategy? What’s the best mix? What’s the best way to combine a blog, Facebook and twitter? Do you need to be everywhere? The unusual and often volatile nature of the medium means that there is no magic formula that’s guaranteed to work.

Another issue with social media is that it’s beyond your control as a marketer. You can put the word out there but where it goes taken is anyone’s guess. Recently we finished a campaign for Salvos Stores called, Buy Nothing New Month. The aim with this campaign was not only to drive customers to Salvos Stores by encouraging them not to buy anything new for the month of October, but also to create an online presence and get people talking about Salvos Stores and second hand shopping.

The online response was really fascinating. Forums were alive with conversations, with people loving the idea of the challenge, and jumping into it headlong, this was then knocked back by people saying they loved the idea, but would never shop at Salvos Stores because it was too expensive. As I mentioned, as a marketer who is so used to controlling brands that we work with, social media forces you to give up some of that control and turn it over to your customers.

With social media it’s always a risk and with this medium constantly evolving as a marketer and for an advertising agency some days you feel like you are running a mile a minute to keep up.

Social marketing has changed the marketing world significantly in the last 10 years, and while there is the pressure to constantly evolve, the possibilities of where it’s going are really exciting. With campaigns today that we could only dream about 10 years ago, imagine what type of campaigns we’ll be doing in another 10 years? The possibilities are infinite.

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