3 Lessons for Los Angeles Travel

I have been in LA for a week now so I feel I can now give an expert
opinion on what to do when traveling in the US, (or what not to do), I
think there are 3 definite things that you need to do:

1) Be very specific when telling taxi drivers where you are staying
2) Do not fall asleep in a taxi in LA
3) Speak very slowly

The reasoning behind my first statement is very obvious, I would like to
think that I have traveled a bit and know my way around places, also
living in outer Melbourne you get used to taxi drivers not always knowing
where they are going, when we got off the plane and jumped in a cab and I
said, in my manly traveling voice, “take us to the Marriott please.”
“Only one problem” the taxi driver said, “which one”? “What do you mean
which one, how many are there,” “oh about 20 in LA” was his reply followed
by a very quick call to Dan to get the address of where we are staying.

Never fall asleep in a cab came about after our first trip where we were
hammering along at 80mph (about 130k), the second time that thought
crossed my mind was when our dodgy taxi driver was taking us back to the
hotel after a big day at Universal Studios, with the family falling asleep
in the back I had just closed my eyes when our driver locked the brakes
and woke us all up, very close to the back end of another car, (tyres
screeching followed by skidding wheels) as if this wasn’t bad enough he did
it again about 10 minutes later. We did arrive safely but were very
hesitant about giving our driver a tip.

Speaking slowly has become an art now with our family, apparently we have
accents that people cant understand, quite funny really when you listen to
all of the different accents in LA.

Apart from those three points I would suggest that everyone should get to
LA at least once in their lifetime, the people are really friendly, apart
from a couple of homeless guys asking for cash, the places we have seen
have been awesome, before I finish I have a couple of extra tips, do not
under any circumstances visit Disneyland on a Public Holiday and always
carry a few dollar notes in your pocket otherwise tipping can become very

We are off to New York tomorrow, very excited about our trip to the big
apple, not sure if I can get all the presents that I promised as the
suitcases, including the 3 extra ones that we bought over here are already
pretty full.

Posted by Ian and family.


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