Who’s that ad for anyway?

Watching television after dinner with my fiancé is always an interesting experience. Being from the marketing and advertising side of the world, I find TV commercials fascinating.

Everything from their execution, the sound track, the messaging to the way they sell their product or brand interests me.

But I’m most intrigued by my fiancé who with every second advert says, ‘What was that all about?’ ‘Who was that for’ ‘That’s just ridiculous’ etc.

Sometimes I tend to agree. Has advertising gone too far and is more about what agencies think are cool compared with what the general public can relate to? I mean if the target market for a beer advert is saying, ‘What’s that all about?’ and it takes a person from the industry to explain it, then is it really hitting the mark?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the beer adverts out the moment, both Carlton Draught and VB are doing great things, but does their audience respond well? After watching the extended version of the Carlton Draught advert on Grand Final day, I think most guys are on par with what the brand is going for, but I think it took my fiancé 18 times of seeing the VB along with me explaining it for him to be happy with the message it was sending through.

With all the pressures that come with creating something new, means advertisers are trying to stay ahead of the game, coming up with ideas that are fresh, original and different to capture the attention of the audience. But sometimes I think we’re a little too ahead of where the target market is at. This is the fine line, between creating advertising that is interesting, win awards and works or art and creating something that the target market relate to and engage with.

After some education, my fiancé and I can now happily sit together at night watching TV and he’ll see diet yoghurt commercials and shampoo adverts and he’ll say, ‘Is this program aimed at women?’ Yes sunshine you got it. Want to work in advertising?

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