Digital Channels, so much space so little content

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new digital channels. No more am I limited to just three major channels, mixed with bit a of news and sport from the others. I love that there is a heaps of trashy TV shows being shown (E.g. ‘How clean is your home’, awesome for anal clean freaks such as myself or the ancient replays of movies, e.g. the Wedding Planner).

But what I’m finding interesting is the advertising. Now that all these new channels have opened up, the channels are struggling for advertising content. For a while, I swear the only advert I was seeing on these secondary channels was a ‘Glade’ air freshener advert and to be honest despite seeing the advert at least 30 times, I haven’t still haven’t bought the air freshener.

In some of our recent media buying, we’ve noticed how cost effective space on these secondary channels is. It’s made me think that this is an interesting time in TV evolution. You can now see little tiny companies with their semi homemade adverts appearing regularly on a medium that used to be quite restrictive because of the cost.

I’m sure this will change over time as bigger advertisers start to take over these channels, but for now it’s great that the little guys are getting a chance to showcase their companies and products on TV. Well done to Free to Air for bringing these additional channels, I’ll be interested to see where it ends up in terms of advertising.

For now, go the little guys, a welcome change from the air freshener ads.

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