Christmas party etiquette

So it’s that fun time of the year. The silly season is almost upon and DGM are kicking off the Christmas season Saturday night with our work Christmas party. Being the fun loving agency that we are, we don’t like to wait until the end of December to celebrate we like to get in there nice and early.

Last year’s Christmas shenanigans, left many with a sore head (I actually thought I might die the next day), some memory loss and fond memories of a guy with a mullet wig. Let’s be honest, Christmas parties are not Christmas parties unless there is a guy with a mullet there.

This year promises to be equally debaucherous. Personally I’m quite excited, because we’ve expanded our small team this year and we now have three new people who’ve never experienced a DGM Christmas party before.

This leads me into Christmas party etiquette. We’re really lucky to have a super close knit team, which kind of means we can get away with a lot at Christmas parties, e.g. dancing in a circle singing to Khe Sanh, but what are the rules for office Christmas parties?

Given my previous history of Christmas party behaviour, I’m not sure I’m the expert in etiquette, so I’ve consulted an expert source (Google) for top tips.

Top Tips;
Christmas Parties are supposed to be fun, frivolous, flirty, but not filthy. (Good point, but can we make exceptions for dirty mullets?)

72% of Australia’s adults claim their most embarrassing moments occur while they’re intoxicated. Keep in mind sober colleagues will remember your behaviour. (So new rule, no teetotallers).

PC rules still apply – Politics, sex, toilet humour, religion, women, races are off limits. (Given our lunch time conversations, this could be hard)

We recommend you keep yourself happy, but not quite tipsy. Wobbly legged is definitely not an option at the company Christmas party. (Hmmm … Fail….)

Dress appropriately and make an impression for the right reasons. (No problems, Jedi outfit will remain at home).

Choose drinks wisely. (So many I love, I could never choose between them.)

Don’t discuss disagreements or grievances with colleagues. (We do this during the day so no problem there)

Avoid romantic liaisons (this is OK as we have two married couples amongst the team)

Hopefully these tips will provide for a problem free Christmas party. Either way, I know we’ll have a blast. We’ll keep you posted with the outcomes.

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