The Future – 2011 up’s and down’s

Reading a major Melbourne newspaper on the weekend, there was a piece asking many reputable futurists on their thoughts for trends going up and down for 2011.

I enjoy reviewing these predictions from year to year, such pieces are trotted out usually the first or second week of January – often in fashion magazines, but even more we are seeing generalist perspectives on life trends which is interesting. More so than pastels are out, and bold coloured prints in.

Apparently 2011 will see the fall of the following trends:

Big / ostentatious display of brands – this includes clothing, accessories and any blatant showcase of a large LV symbol.

Climate Change – apparently we have all lost interest for now. This surprised me a little but it could be true – especially now the drought has broken.

Knowing your neighbour – this was one trend that all 5 Futurists agreed on – which lead myself to ask the question, in the 7 years I have lived in Melbourne (5 different homes in that time) how many neighbours have I known? Answer: only one – so this is a sad but true forming trend. Sad because as a kid, I seriously knew every kid under 15 years old in a 1 kilometer radius of the warren of courts and streets we lived amongst.

OK, now for what they said the trends on the rise in 2011 will be:

Op Shopping – this is fantastic news, as our great client Salvos Stores fits in this category, however I do have a bone to pick with this trend as I am pretty sure it has been around for a long time.

Businesses engaging in Social Media – Again another one I question slightly (in terms of hasn’t it already happened?), but I do think 2011 will see substantial growth in not only businesses joining and engaging with social media, but also properly resourcing this medium to maximise its true potential.

Less consumption of ‘one use’ or ‘throw away’ items – I do really hope this is going to be not only a trend for 2011, but a permanent part of our communities lives. Consuming less unnecessary things is always good.

Right so that is a concise synopsis of the piece, now for my hopes for trends in 2011 –

Use of manners – it really is dying out, and I really think it is nice saying please and thank you, giving your seat up for an elderly lady on the tram or even asking the check out girl at Woolworth’s how she is going after she asks you.

Have fun at work – we really are lucky at DGM, everyday we have a laugh, eat lunch together, enjoy a fantastic office environment and get to work with great people and projects. Lets keep this trend going.

Grammar and Spelling – seriously when did that become ‘dat’ and were ‘wer’ and work ‘werk’? Its annoying, hard to read and I think in 50 years time I wont understand what the hell a 16 year old is saying. Speak and write properly please.

Online Communities – Now that Facebook has overtaken Google as the most visited website globally, this strongly indicates people are searching for content, recommendations, ideas and interaction amongst their peers. Our FB friends can provide us with reliable recommendations. How many times have you seen ‘Who knows of any great hairdressers in Hawthorn / Camberwell area?” Then to follow down on the 17 comments of your friends opinions. 1 – 2 years ago it would have been: – search hawthorn hairdresser.

So this year I hope to see many Facebook Status updates – Redesigning our company website, any ideas on a great design firm?

With the response of 25 comments: DGM Advertising all the way!

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