For the love of the game

It had been a while since I had watched a good football (soccer) match (or any live sport outside the Frankston basketball stadium for that matter).

On Sunday my friend and I decided it was time to watch a Hyundai match and cheer on our team La Pompei, who played at Aami.

Confused? Hmmmm so was I. Almost as confused as trying to figure out the words of the English-inspired songs/abuse being hurled between the Melbourne and Adelaide fan clubs.

Sponsorship and sport is not a new phenomenon, but now I can safely say advertising presence has overtaken the sporting event itself.

Melbourne Victory is sponsored by the glamorous La Ionica Chicken, as well as KFC. Judging by the physique of the players the only time they eat KFC is on their end of season trip. On the other hand, at least their nutrition specialists don’t have to worry about protein levels.

Football fans are no less than passionate and imagine my dismay when replays of dodgy tackles, red cards and fights were not replayed on the big screen! Instead we were reminded that ‘Speed Kills’ (it seemed the Adelaide strikers had ignored this warning, going one up at half time). OK TAC I respect that you are trying to save lives but I don’t need to read it 100 times in the space of 90 minutes! It is every football fan’s right to understand why the opposition was awarded a free kick and to see close ups of fights!

Why did they have big blow up Hyundai cylinders for people to run in? Why were 20 people made to stand in the middle of the ground holding a Hyundai sheet and wave it around? Was it for that one shot for Foxtel? (who, by the way, is another major sponsor). The little kid inside me wanted to jump in the middle of it and be thrown in the air, but it didn’t make me want to rush out and buy a Hyundai.

We only had two dietary requirements while at the football, any beer that was not a VB or Toohey’s variety and a Magnum. But no! Aami is sponsored by Peters and the Fosters Group. No good!

We were bombarded with sponsorship and it was exhausting. We couldn’t even escape it on the public transport on the way home. I am still wondering what was being advertised on an image of a man with a rabbit sitting in his underpants.

So it seems the sport – advertising relationship is as strong as ever. Although it was annoying, the heated nature of the game meant TAC made over one million impressions on the audience members.

At the end of the day the new stadium was awesome, we left when Victory were 4-0 down and were overwhelmed by the amount of advertising we were confronted with (Bunny undies included).

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