Tekken V Spreets

Well, I was just having a little bit of chuckle with a tweet friend about a really bad movie I was forced to watch when I was recently kidnapped. The movie was Tekken! You know Tekken, the video game made into a low budget movie with bad acting like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat…Woody Allen flicks etc.

I was just about to blog exclusively about this life changing experience when it was suggested that I use Tekken as an analogy for a recent takeover that is spreading through the media like wildfire.

The more I thought about it the more alike the two stories are, for example, in the movie our young hero is born on the other side of the tracks (in this case a wall), where he lives with his mother battling hard looking for a better life. This chap knows that all he has to do is enter the Tekken tournament and win. This will lead him to takeover the Tekken corporation and go on to bigger and better things. The plot is a little more structured than that but I fell asleep half way through, so I just filled the gaps myself! As it happens he entered Tekken and had to wait a while before he was allowed to compete, just like Dean McEvoy had to wait nearly 2 months for his 2 million dollars from Klaus Hommels in order to start Spreets.

Long story short Tekken guy gets in fights and wins, McEvoy gets picked up by Pollenizer and wins. After many wins and growing popularity Tekken Corp is taken over by our hero and goes on to make heaps of money ($40 mill in 10 months) and hopefully a difference, like delivering over $40 million in savings to consumers over the past year.

In the movie, the Tekken chap gets the girl, the money and the everything else, we shall see how our Spreets movie ends!

I do congratulate Dean McEvoy for doing what he did with his company, it really is a magnificent effort.

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