Shopping at Salvos

As of Monday we launched the first major advertising campaign for the year, with our client of 10 years Salvos Stores. This campaign was a little different to the past, with the focus heavily being placed on shopping at Salvos Stores.

With economic pressures, and the ongoing debate about online shopping and the strain this is having on Australian retailers, Salvos Stores wanted to focus on getting people into stores to shop. A long thought process was put into this simple call to action – competitions, gimmicks, advertising medium, online? The cluttered communication environment coupled with strong retail competition, made deciding on the strongest approach challenging.

Heads together we discussed many different ideas and creative concepts – but in the end, we felt after chatting with the client and looking at things internally – simplicity was the best option. Each week Salvos Stores have a great offer available – 50% off on certain colour tagged items. This gives customers the opportunity to get an even greater bargain than already available at Salvos Stores.

When this offer was discussed, we identified that a lot of people don’t realise that on top of already competitive prices, Salvos have this extra discount – week in week out. So the final decision was made, creative designed and media booked, keeping in mind these basic principles of what our current and potential customer base look for:

1 – Quality Goods at a Fraction of the Cost
2 – Plenty of locations to choose from (over 200 stores in the territory)
3 – Great service and a nice shopping environment

Salvos Stores ambassador, Ita Buttrose, agreed with these features and has again lent a hand in communicating the Salvos Stores messages.

Transit Interior with Ita Buttrose

Not forgetting our very important youth market, we also created posters and interior transport advertising panels that specifically targeted this generation of shoppers.

Transport Interior Advertising Panel

So after all the brainstorming and ideas (some of them fantastic) we decided on the old philosophy – KISS – Keep it simple stupid. Tell the customers the great offer (50% off everyday), explain there are stores everywhere (over 200) and get it out there (online, radio, transit advertising). Next time you hear the ad, or see the poster – have a think about getting into your nearest Salvos, who knows what you might find, and one thing we can guarantee is you will get it at an amazing price (probably way cheaper than even ebay).

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