Hi Chew Excitement

For those of you who have not visited Japan and been lucky enough to try Hi-Chew lollies, your wait is almost over. Hi-Chew are launching in Australia in the coming months, with the chew lollies becoming available at yet to be confirmed retail outlets.

What’s so great about that you might ask? Well take the nicest chewable lolly you have ever had – Mentos, Starburst etc and times it by 10. Hi-Chew have been the highest selling confectionery product in Japan for many years, and this is why I think it holds that title:

1. The fruit flavours (Orange, Apple, Mango and Strawberry) – actually taste like real fruits.
2. Unlike other chewable confectionery, Hi-Chew literally does not stick to your teeth
3. There is no bizarre after taste
4. Importantly there is long lasting chew

Hi-Chew’s tagline ‘A little piece of heaven’ is exactly that, the one problem – once you have one you seriously cannot stop. Trust me we know after receiving a full sample box of around 10 packets of each flavour, they were gone in a matter of days!

Mango Hi Chew

How do I know so much about Hi-Chew, well I have visited Japan and tried them there, however we at DGM are also lucky enough to be designing and developing the Australia / New Zealand website. Concepts start next week and the site will be live in April 2011. Creatively it is every designers dream, cool product, great colours, and a fixture in Japanese confectionery culture.

So not only are we excited we will soon be able to grab a packet of Hi-Chew down the road at our local convenience store, we are also thrilled to be designing the website and bringing Hi-Chew Aus / NZ to life online.
Stay tuned for updates and keep your eye out in store for Hi-Chew. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed (this is coming from someone who really is not much of a sweet tooth – I like to think I am sweet enough).

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