Social Media – Using, Abusing and Benefiting

In the past three months we have been spending quite a bit of time on social media platforms – particularly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To be up front, I need to confess that at first I was quite skeptical as to the benefits using social media would have for our business. It was not because I was ignorant to its growth and unaware of how other businesses were successfully incorporating into their communications. It was more that as a low-medium active user of social media (I have a Facebook page), you tend to shy aware from what you are not personally heavily involved in.

Three months later however I am 100% converted on all levels –

1. Individually, I am enjoying using social media more and more – both to connect with friends and from a business perspective
2. I see and identify the tangible benefits for the business
3. It is also creating in studio chatter and interaction, which I love
4. I am yet to have a meeting with an existing or potential client this calendar year without discussing some form of social media with them

The DGM Twitter Page

Specifically to our business the dedicated resourcing and ongoing commitment to building our social media networks has really paid dividends –
1. We are connecting with more and more people
2. We have clients commenting on our work and interacting with us on a different level
3. We have been invited to submit work for directories and online competitions
4. We have suppliers actively contacting us and complimenting our initiatives
5. We practice what we preach to our clients
6. We get to see other studios work and share ideas / thoughts with like minded people

Some of you will be reading this and thinking, yes we know social media does that – we are doing it already! Others may not have even considered utilising it for their business.

The one thing I will say is don’t do it if you don’t have something positive to share and contribute, and definitely don’t do it if you are not going to resource it.
Have fun with it, don’t use it for the wrong reasons and always remind yourself it is about sharing, not blatant self promotion. I’m certainly no expert but I can honestly say I have enjoyed the initial adventure of incorporating social media into our business.

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DGM Advertising are a full service, marketing, creative and advertising agency based in Melbourne. With 11 years in the business, DGM Advertising are a boutique agency who specailise in digital content, social media and online marketing.
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