Keeping up with Technology

I remember what seems a lifetime ago when digital cameras were a new, way-out technological tool, and how influenced I was by my group of 40-something friends to believe that I could get by without one. I was determined that I was going to keep my little instamatic camera, replace the roll of 24 photos each time I got my photos developed at my local Kodak store, then file away hundreds of photos in albums and shoe boxes, throwing out so many rejects that were blurry or someone had their eyes closed etc.

And mobile phones? Well, I put off getting one for ages – what was the world coming to? I didn’t need a mobile phone, I was perfectly fine thank you. A laptop, Facebook, Twitter, Iphone, I-Pad? I had absolutely no need for any of these modern-day vices! I was happy to let these things pass me by, using my phone just to send and receive phone calls, and my computer just for MYOB. Oh, my friends and I would watch our children, tut-tutting at their use of mobile phones and computers.

Boy, did I finally see the light! Thanks to having teenage children (and not to mention finding a job where this is an absolute necessity, in fact, where can you get a job unless you have these now fundamental, indispensable skills?), I was day-by-day opened up to a world of amazing things in the technological sphere – or should I say I broke away from the old-mentality influences and decided to let technology in. I had no idea how much I had been missing out on in the realm of technology. I wondered, then, how I could have gone without for so long?

It’s interesting to look back at the way I viewed the idea of moving forward to keep up with technology, believing that it wasn’t pertinent to my way of life. What’s even more interesting is to still see so many people, some of my friends amongst them, who refuse to be on Facebook, or update their 10 year old phone. I want to be a part of all that is going on: I want to be on Facebook and Twitter, I want to know how to play Tetris. I am going to get my first I-phone this week – watch out world!

You may ask “Why the sudden urge to do all this?”. Well, I realised that because technology is moving so fast, my children and all the younger kids are just going to be able to use it without even trying, it’s comes so naturally to them. I want to be able to communicate with my children (and grand-children one day), be a part of, take an interest in and understand what they are into. So even though I have to be taught to use all the new stuff, I have made a decision that I want to keep up, learn, access, use and love all that is yet to come. Go me!

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