Supermarket Marketing War

We all see the myriad of major supermarket advertisements on television each night, online through our favourite news website, sometimes on the radio and the strong in store point of sale push. I struggle to recall a time when the marketing competition between our two majors was more intense.

The big name ambassadors has taken this war to all new levels, with incredible amounts of money forked out to secure these people to be the face of the supermarkets. Before I go on, I want to clarify I am certainly not against that money being spent to secure high profile and very appropriate brand ambassadors for the supermarkets (it takes us back a few years to the Jen versus Megan battle). And that battle was one that took both retailers to the forefront, and both women achieving astounding results for their respective department stores and major labels.

I want to throw it out there to find out who we all think is winning?

It is a discussion that has been had many times, both in ad agencies throughout the country, between marketing managers, families around the dinner table at night, and on the couch in front of the box. My opinion is (and I am not letting it be impacted by the fact that I am a loyal Woolworths shopper) I thought for the past 2 years, the combination of the Master Chef endorsement with Curtis Stone glowing through menu books and TVC’s was very difficult to beat.

If you heard Master Chef, you thought Coles, if you saw Curtis, you thought Coles. Money well spent.

However, my opinion has swayed back to Woolworths with their recent efforts. The debacle of the Coles $10 Feed your Family also helped their cause in more ways than one. Getting voted in several categories of misleading advertising and the fact that it just did not feed the family for a tenner, shook consumers confidence and made Coles the butt of many jokes. It even made the list of Choice’s 8 ‘Shonky’ Awards for 2010.

Woolworth’s new line up of ambassadors is quite good. I don’t think their application is as polished as Coles, aside from the exceptional Margaret Fulton. The latest TVC’s of her ‘Honest to Goodness’ family meals, focusing on the honest price and meal size is the perfect execution to remind people of the ‘Feed your Family’ mess. It also insinuates that Woolworth’s is not trying to trick you, just offer you good food, at good prices, with realistic recipes. Her gentle but clever on screen appeal is ideal, and I believe resonates with both the young and old.

Overall I believe both food giants have got value for money from their ambassadors. To see who eventually comes out on top will be interesting. Personally I think it is going to be an ongoing war, with little battles won on both sides throughout. As of today though, I would have to chalk up the last two battle wins to Woolworth’s. Your move Coles…….

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