Love them or hate them ads

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the creative minds of agencies and advertisers? How do they come up with ideas for ads and slogans – especially the really dodgy, can’t-stand-them ads? The horrible, frustrating, annoying jingles that so clearly and unforgettably represent a Brand or Company. The ads that you have absolutely no idea what exactly it is that is being advertised until you get to the very last second of the ad then you say, “oh, that’s what the ad is about!” Yet love them or hate them, they stay embedded in our minds, sometimes forever!

Are these people just fluking it, really bad at their job, or are they really quite brilliant? As much as there are some commercials that I think are amazingly clever and for these I stop what I’m doing to take notice, it’s the ones that get on my nerves that I recall more easily, they just jump out at me. Even though I switch off mentally, actually turn away or change the radio station, somehow they manage to infiltrate my brain and hey presto, they will never entirely go away – “Where do you get it?”, “Hello, this is Frank Walker from National Tiles”, “Comprate da Franco Cozzo, Norta Melbourne and Footascray” – I can’t bear to keep going, they bug me so much.

This may be an extremely clever technique, although not for the faint-hearted. To deliberately create an ad/jingle/slogan that will antagonize the general public, get them off-side, make them want to run the other way when in fact you are trying to impress them, wanting to sell your product in a positive light – you’d have to be thick skinned. There obviously is some success to this form of advertising, but I can’t help but wonder how many people actually buy their products, as opposed to the one’s whose ads are beautiful, refined, funny, clever and impress on a higher level.

So whether you love it or hate it, I think this form of advertising will stay with us for as long as it has an impact. The controversy it creates seems to be a big draw card, all the attention the ad gets even if it is negative – getting people talking, ranting and raving about how annoying an ad is (sounds a bit like what I’ve been doing!).

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