It’s Man Time

The KFC ‘Double’ was released yesterday and I along with a work colleague decided to take it for a test drive. Verdict: Delicious.

The KFC Double, named the Double Down in its country of origin (the US obviously), is a burger with two pieces of chicken, bacon and cheese plus sauce and sans bun. In the Double the two fillets take the place of the bun with the cheese and bacon in between. As with most KFC burgers it comes in two flavours, Original and Zinger. Double Zinger fillets! What a concept!

Naturally, nutritionists and health experts are clamouring over themselves to decry this fast food abomination. KFC are quick to point out that the Original Double has less fat and kilojoules than a Big Mac, less fat than a Quarter Pounder, and almost half the fat of a Whopper. Whilst this is true the Zinger version of the Double contains 2515 kjs, 35.7 grams of fat, 48.2 grams of protein and a huge 2058 mg of sodium. The only thing worse than that is a Hungry Jacks whopper (but nobody eats Hungry Jacks as it is disgusting). Those numbers do add up to something though (other than deliciousness) and that is free PR.

Current affair programs, news, and an assortment of media have covered the release of this new burger and KFC have marketed it very well. It’s targeted primarily at a male audience with even the packaging covered in slogans like “IT’S MAN TIME” and “BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THING” in place of the normal recycling message. This seems to be an emerging trend in the marketing of some products. It’s also being pushed as an occasional treat with a limited run of 4 weeks (this was extended in the US and Canada due to its popularity). KFC obviously don’t want to push their luck with the health aspects of such a burger, memories of the McGriddle in the US spring to mind.

Either way it’s a very smart campaign. People who eat KFC will buy one regardless and those who don’t will no doubt try it just to see what the fuss is about. All I know is, it tastes awesome.


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