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I have never been an Optus customer in the past. Mainly due to the fact I spent the first 17 years of my life in Mildura, and Optus offer very limited mobile coverage in that part of the state (may have changed) but when I lived there, you had to stand on the roof of your house, wiggle on tippy toes just to send a text to your mates.

However I have recently moved into a brand new house and we need broadband, who doesn’t these days? I decided to be thorough and research a few different supplier options. Optus was about 4th on my list I must admit, but after the poor online info and too many barriers to apply online with some other suppliers, I decided to give them a go, that and the fact that their SEO is awesome and kept featuring 1 or 2 whenever I googled ‘home broadband’.

OK so to cut a long story short, I get to their site, easily find the home package plan options and start to read through the details of the one I was interested. About 60 seconds in, I was astounded to have a pop up chat box appear offering to speak live with an Optus Sales Consultant named Shane (I am pretty sure this wasn’t his real name, and even if he was a he, but I didn’t care). Intrigued, I clicked yes and before I knew I was chatting away with the very helpful Shane about my potential monthly broadband package. He asked all the right questions and explained the wireless modem upgrade I was interested in. I was SOLD! So Shane instructs me to apply online, first step being to check if they service my area with their coverage (FYI I live 10km from Melbourne CDB). I enter my address and keep getting the dreaded red writing, ‘cannot find your information’.

No problems I think, I will go back to Shane and tell him I am having a few issues with this. He kindly offers to check my address, which I am grateful for. Within 2 minutes he comes back to me – “Sorry Laura, we don’t service your area, enjoy your day”. Well gee thanks Shane that’s a great help to me.

I left the Optus site with mixed emotions, I was impressed with their online presence, live chat function and ability to track when people are on the site and respond to them in real time with answers and helpful hints (without having to battle it out on the phone with the multiple options and sometimes difficult to understand call center workers). But I was annoyed that 10km from the city, Optus don’t have coverage, which makes me wonder has much has changed since my teenage days, when my poor mates who were on a pre plan budget had to have an Optus phone, which was about as handy as a hip pocket in a singlet.

In summary, wins for Optus – great website design, exceptional SEO, great new technology that actually works seamlessly. Losses for Optus – they still have crap coverage.

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