Raise a Glass for VB’s Marketing Department

During the Easter/Anzac long weekend there were a number of ads for VB’s ‘Raise a Glass’ appeal. These featured an Australian soldier recounting a battle with enemy forces and urging viewers to dig deep to support Australian troops and their families. A noble cause, but should it really be championed by an alcohol company?

Australians are fond of a drink and we are also very proud of our Anzac heritage. These factors probably saw VB sales skyrocket during the long weekend. I could just be being cynical, VB have indeed raised a lot of money for Legacy, but I am sure their sales of VB have been pretty good too. The interesting thing is that sales of VB do not contribute to the appeal, you have to donate via the appeal website. The campaign never says that VB sales will contribute to Legacy, but neither does it state that it does not.

The overall impression seems to be that by ‘Raising a Glass’ (or two or ten) of VB on Anzac day you are helping Australian troops and their families. The slabs are branded with the Raise a glass appeal so I can see why people would think that by purchasing it they are helping out Legacy. The ‘Raise a Glass’ slogan has also become associated with the VB brand. I saw a number of my friends and others post this as their Facebook status (don’t get me started on everyone posting ‘Lest we forget’ on a social media site. Ugh) on Anzac day and I can’t help but feel that it cheapens the whole spirit of the day.

In the end I have to admire the marketing of the Appeal. They raise money for Legacy by getting venues to purchase more VB. They push the product on TV whilst appealing to our inherent sense of patriotism by urging us to dig deep and at the same time further their brand awareness with a catchy slogan. I know the ‘raise a glass’ concept isn’t a new one and is used regularly, I just wonder if it’s appropriate to tie it to a specific brand.

Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me. Food for thought anyway.

In summary: Good Campaign, Noble Cause, Crap Beer.

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