New Products and Great Client Feedback

For the past 6 months we have had the great pleasure to be working on a brand new swap card product for young girls called Forever Clover. This unique product is the brain child of mother of three and ex lawyer Leanne Howard. Having had two young boys, rushing to the counter for footy cards during every newsagent visit, when a daughter came along Leanne soon realized there was not a lot of options for collectible, low cost items for girls. Instead of just shrugging her shoulders and continuing to buy a chocolate or some useless gimmick for her daughter, Leanne decided to do something about it and thus created Forever Clover.

Cutting a long story short, over a year of planning, research and creation to bring to life six characters and produce a beautiful product that ticks all the boxes – age appropriate, environmentally friendly, positive messaging and importantly appealing to young girls. The cards are modern, but have a touch of nostalgia with their delightful illustrations, and eye catching yet gentle colour palette. No detail has been overlooked, with the characters, pets, card stock, packaging material, display box and card album all reflective of the painstaking effort Forever Clover has gone to to provide a quality product.

Our job was to design all the packaging requirements, in store point of sale pieces and the all important website. The cards and accessories are available for purchase online, but striking the balance of an appealing, interactive and fun destination for kids, while keeping the parent info and path to purchase simple and functional for the adults was challenging but something we believe (a little internal blow of our own trumpets here sorry) was done extremely well.

Aside from the ongoing design component of the project, the most enjoyable part was watching a product go from an idea into a lively product for girls. Being involved from the inception of the idea to now (finally watching it launched into the marketplace) has been thrilling and rewarding. And those in our business also know the added excitement and genuine happiness you feel when the client has been grateful, supportive and constantly willing to listen and give feedback throughout the entire process. Leanne has been what I would describe as the perfect client (not sucking up here, honestly). Her vision for her product, coupled with her willingness to seek help when she needed it made for an ideal working relationship. Upon completion of the website, Leanne even emailed and made sure I passed it onto the entire team, thanking us for the results and amazing work (special mention to Cecily our designer who headed up the project).

We cannot wait to see the product in store and flying out the door via online sales. It truly is unique and of the highest quality. Check out some of the work below, and next time you need a small gift for a little girl and you don’t want to go down the hot pink, hot pants Bratz style of things, go for this, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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