Looking Forward

You know that fresh and accomplished feeling you get after a big spring clean? Where everything is organised again, it has its place and you are only surrounded by things you love and need? Well that is what we are about to embark on here, with a new office and a brand new start with the new financial year.

In the business world (or most businesses that work from the traditional fiscal year), starting the new FY with updated strategies, revised focuses and a refreshed approach, is as big in my opinion as starting a brand new year on January 1.

Here at DGM, our team has grown, our clients have grown and excitingly we are moving into a new office located in Richmond. The decision to relocate was a big one, but being closer to the action and in a more convenient location to reach all our clients (who are spread from Gippsland, to Altona, to Mount Waverley) was vital.

Plus the new digs is pretty swanky, with loads of natural light, a lovely view and a great open plan, which is something our culture doesn’t just thrive on, but relies on to stay alive and well.

Such a new start on July 1 is personally invigorating for me. I am a bit of a queen of the spring cleans, forward planning and organisation (I sound like a slight control freak here, but rest assured I’m not as bad as the blog words read).

Having new people join our team, relocating to be in a better position to service our growing client base, and starting a big year with new plans, goals and areas to achieve in is going to be a brilliant challenge.

Some people don’t like looking forward; I think it scares them a bit. Sometimes I feel a little like that (particularly looking too far forward, as I do think this is quite pointless) but this New Year, I am relishing looking forward. Pardon the cliché, but the future is bright, and I cannot wait for the fun we will have continuing to grow DGM in a new office, with a great team….

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About dgmadvertising

DGM Advertising are a full service, marketing, creative and advertising agency based in Melbourne. With 11 years in the business, DGM Advertising are a boutique agency who specailise in digital content, social media and online marketing.
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