Photo shoot frenzy

I recently had the task in partly organising a photo shoot on behalf our client Salvos Stores. The photos taken on the day are creating a look book to go on our new website (going live in July). It was a long process; from initial discussions with the stylist, to finding models and a location, sourcing hair and makeup help, and the biggest task- sourcing great things to dress our models in.

Once we had arranged models (mostly friends and family) our stylist and I went on an afternoon of selection and collection; stopping off at the St. Kilda, Windsor, Richmond and Abbotsford Salvos Stores. I was not surprised at the amount of amazing clothes, accessories and bric a brac we were able to find. It was great to work with a stylist who had such a clear vision about what she wanted the outfits and scenes to look like. It was difficult for me to resist shopping for myself!

My poor two door car was soon filled to the brim with our treasures. Hats off to staff and managers who were fantastic in helping us pack up the goods for travel.

During the last few weeks, Rachel and I have organised the details of the shoot which involved; finding lighting and backdrops for the sets, catering, arranging some of the Salvos Stores staff to supervise, writing briefs for the models, makeup, hair and photographers, adjusting to last-minute model changes and sourcing of the last few things we needed. It was amazing how many people were willing to give up their Sunday to volunteer their time for Salvos Stores.

I was slightly confused why my alarm was going off at 7am on a Sunday. Finally the big day had arrived! I quickly shook off my stunned-mulletness and headed down to Abbotsford Salvos Stores.

The first task was to set up a kids fort in the store. After losing a few models for a while due to confusing street names we soon had the first two dressed, in make up and ready to go.

Before you knew it we were finished the first, second and third scenes and were onto the last one! The stylist and her assistant worked wonders making the store look like legitimate rooms in a house. The hair and make-up girls transformed our friends and family into stunning models.

There were many funny moments including an extraverted child model, some jeans and bikie boots, ‘baking cakes’, a man on a bike, and attempting (and failing) to create an ‘Autumn vibe’.

It was a great day and fantastic to be involved in a team effort where everyone contributed to pull off something great on a very tight schedule. It really was ‘girl power’ on set (plus a couple of wonderful male Salvos Stores staff and models). Everyone was kept busy the whole day and when I got in the car I was exhausted. Stay tuned to see the finished photos and website…

Big shout out to: Claire and Amy for their stylish stylings, Simmone for the outstanding make-up, Brooke for the beautiful hairstyles, Brian and Blake from Salvos Stores for their manpower, Rachel and Laura from DGM for their organising, Courtney for her fantastic photos and Jack, Kynan, Anne, Joyce, Cait, Vladimir, Kate, Ashley, Woody and Jackie for their great modelling.

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