My life the soap opera…

Just get on with it…

I was driving into work this morning and a little after my mini battle with stereotypical HSV driver I sat behind a car that was fairly new but looked like it had done a tour of duty and come back a little bruised. Plastered all over the back of this car was a gallery of bumper stickers. Being the studier (is that a word?) of human behaviour I diagnosed the owner of this car with having a severe case of cognitive dissonance. For those of you who don’t know; cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.

On her bumper four stickers stood out for me. They read:
“One life live it, No Fear”
“F*@#K, I hate weekdays”
“Monday to Thursday go away”
and lastly
“life, get into it”…

Can you see the conflict here. I don’t understand how you can wish away four days of your life and then publicise the zest you apparently possess for “living life”.

This women either collects bumper stickers, can’t read or has the above diagnosed condition.

I personally love every day as it is a blessing to get up from bed ready to tackle life, whatever it may bring.

Recently losing a family member to illness, and remembering how badly he so wanted to keep living his full life, it infuriates me how some people choose to exist in a miserable state, disrespecting themselves, constantly complaining, bickering, being victims, hating, judging etc etc etc, while the people that see the beauty in just watching a sunset, hugging a loved one and living in each moment are the ones that have their passionate lives cut short.

This woman looked like death had knocked on her door but managed to narrowly break free from the reapers clutches. She held a cup of something and a cigarette in the one hand with the drivers and rear side windows open blowing out the smoke of death from her lungs for the rest of the world to share. The most distressing part was that in the back seat was a child no older than two shaking from the cold coming in through the windows. For the first time I was truly disgusted and saddened by somebody.

Yes there is a counter argument that says that I don’t know what this person is going through and what led them to be this way, but when a child is part of the equation you need to do everything needed to make sure that they get the best chance at life.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with design, advertising etc, but I do think that it warrants a post as it has everything to do with making people understand the privilege we have of being able to love, play, feel and give!

Seriously if you are one of those people that just exist take a serious look at your selfish, pain in the butt self and see what you are missing out on. If not for yourself then for the ones that love you and rely on you.

My bumper sticker says “Life it too short to just exist”

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