Expert Presenting?

Recently DGM and I were invited to speak at workshop seminar at the upcoming MyBiz Conference (16th-17th June, Melbourne Exhibition Center). Fantastic to be asked, and even better to be asked to speak in an area our business has been steadily growing our focus and expertise in – Digital Media and Content. The one hour session is titled ‘Growing your business through digital media’ and the audience is predominantly small to medium sized businesses. Excited, I immediately got to work on my presentation and putting together something that was interesting, engaging and importantly gave sound advice and tips on how to utilise digital media.

However formulating a 1 hour presentation on such a diverse, multi faceted subject was a major challenge. Have I got enough info, too many case studies, have I covered the fundamentals, is it too basic? These are all the questions I asked myself, while also being mindful to avoid the massive no no’s of speaking at a seminar:
• Do not use the one hour to solely promote your business and your own work
• Do not kill people with death by PowerPoint
• Don’t talk at them, talk to them
• Don’t read off slides
• Don’t bullshit

OK, so those who know me, I cannot guarantee I won’t slightly enter into the last point (a little bit). But I am confident I have avoided committing the other sins listed. Yes I am using PowerPoint, but simply to showcase plenty of visuals. We have not used one single DGM or internal case study, although there are plenty to draw from. The reason I have avoided this is I too have been a cynical delegate watching company representatives simply sell their services to us under the mask of ‘Expert Speaker’ (and it is very annoying).

I really hope the businesses registered to attend my session (and there are quite a few, last time I checked the conference had 20 more registrants than they could fit in the session) can take something valuable away, learn a little and ultimately implement one or two things I have highlighted to grow their business. After all it is a digital world, and those not participating might just be missing some significant opportunities.

So wish me luck for Friday, and those small – medium sized businesses out there, check out MyBiz, it’s free to attend (you only have to provide your ABN to enter). Info available here: Or contact us directly at DGM to get the outline of the presentation if you cannot make it.

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DGM Advertising are a full service, marketing, creative and advertising agency based in Melbourne. With 11 years in the business, DGM Advertising are a boutique agency who specailise in digital content, social media and online marketing.
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