Battle of the Supermarket Giants

I was watching TV the other night and I noticed (not that I could help it as it was on about 100 times during the evening) the new TVC for Woolworths. The ‘It’s My Woollies’ campaign is a very different tactic from the latest campaign price fights that have been going on between Woolworths and Coles.

The TVC shows a range of people, different nationalities, ages etc pointing to their local Woolworths supermarket and saying, ‘That’s my Woollies.’ The advert shows the diverse customer base and highlights how many different store locations there are. The campaign is also supported online where people can say why they love Woollies’ on Facebook for the chance to win a Woollies voucher.

The campaign comes at a time when Coles and Woollies have has been battling hard with an ongoing price war. Coles have been pushing hard their ‘Prices are Down’ campaign, which has included TV and outdoor as part of the promotion. The Woollies campaign to counter this price battle was very similar. So it’s nice to see Woolworths trying something different, with the aim to build brand loyalty and to get people to make an emotional connection and take ownership of the brand.

As the battle of the big supermarkets continues and the price war goes on, it will be interesting to see what new campaigns are launched to help give the big brands that competitive edge.

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