Google + versus Facebook

OK, so now to the hotly discussed latest topic on twitter, in office places, breakfast seminars and everything in between – Google+.

I have had quite a few mates, collegues and clients ask me what I think? What I think needs to be broken into two key areas:

1 – What do I think of it in terms of a user and its functionality
2 – How do I think it will go against Facebook

Here are my answers, and they are very strongly connected to each other. They are connected because I was invited to join the Beta form of Google+ on Tuesday this week. I quickly set up my account (confirming my name, gender and something else basic). I then clicked on a couple of the tabs, noted that you can split your contacts / friends / followers, whatever you want to call them into sections called Circles. I then got busy and have not revisited it since. It looks very simply to use, so I have no issue with the functionality.

How do I think it will go against Facebook? Initially pretty badly. Why? Refer answer 1. I have not had time nor the inclination to go back and discover more, add my photo, set up my profile and connect with people, and create my ‘circles’ because at the moment I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account (plus I am considering Stumbled Upon and FourSquare) but haven’t committed yet. Additionally, I manage 8 Facebook and Twitter accounts for clients.

Apart from a few obvious features – splitting your contacts (referred to as Circles), hang out section and sparkle its not that different to Facebook. All clever little sections, but are they really boldly different enough to what other social media platforms offer? I don’t think so.

There will be your obvious early adopters, but will there be enough to put a large enough dent in other platforms numbers. The reason I join a social media platform is to connect with people I know, like or love. If not enough of them are on Google+, why will I bother?

So in conclusion, I think it could be great. Google have obviously worked hard to create something that is interactive, functional, practical and fun, but the big question is – why will we switch? Because unless people switch, I struggle to find a reason why you would have both a Facebook and Google+ account. Despite their differences, they are just too similar. Plus I don’t think my brain can remember one more login / password!

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