Melbourne Design Market 2011

As a fan of all arty things, I went to The Melbourne Design Market held at the Federation Square Carpark over the weekend.

The market is a twice annual event which feature original designs in the latest in fashion, homewares, furniture, lighting and more. With recognisable brands at the market like RG Madden, Spacecraft and Keepcup; the Melbourne Design Market will also feature some new enterprises.

My pick this year would be the Join The Pipe designer water bottle, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Another great idea other than Keepcup, Jointhepipe designed beautiful durable water bottles to replace all the plastic ones you buy in supermarkets, to reduce enormous waste of plastic bottles. The bottle itself is a brilliant and clever design, with the shape of a pipe than can connect with other pipe bottles. They are made out of Tritan, a BP-A free material, which doesn’t smell, or affects the taste of your water. It costs $25 for a small bottle or $30 for a medium one. With each water bottle sold, $7.5 would be donated to fund water projects around the globe and to install water fountains in cities, restaurants, stations, etc. It is a great design and campaign, and I love how you can have one big pipe filled with water sitting on your desk!

This is the fourth time I’ve been to this event, and as always, I really enjoyed the day discovering unique objects. The market was fantastic, there is such a great atmosphere with the music, fine coffee and loads of fab stalls. The next Melbourne Design Market is on Sunday 4th of December.

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