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Last week I was reading through the Westfield Guest Blog, as well as the news story covering the bullying the poor girl who won the competition received.

Firstly I want to throw out that I love the concept of a competition for a guest blog, and Westfields Fashion blog has a great following, with what I think is a pretty good snap shot of fashion.

Fashion is like art and anything else creative, extremely subjective. What I like, you may not, but why do people let it bother them so much. I could honestly not care less what other people wear, provided they are happy and comfortable. Obviously in the workplace, this is a little different and we have a relatively relaxed stance here at DGM, but still expect a professional standard to be adhered to.

I read through the guest bloggers post. Her challenge was to go shopping alone, and find 4 potential outfits (from shops dictated to her). She photographed herself with a basic digital camera, in the harsh lights of change rooms. The 4 outfits then posted on her blog, along with a recap of her experience.

Obviously a school reunion is a tad nerve racking but nothing compared to the barrage this young woman received online.

A lot of the comments were vicious, bitchy and just plain mean. To a woman who was not a supermodel and clearly just doing the best she could with the tools she had. The shops she had to go to weren’t shops she would usually shop in, but I think what she put together was quite good. I certainly would not have taken time from my day to be mean to her about her choices. Nor would I have complimented her. I may have just had a look, and moved on.

On so many blogs (and our industry is renowned for it) people believe the anonymity of a blog comment is license to be a complete jerk, to let out their internal frustrations and life’s bitter build ups. I am certainly not one for ignoring constructive criticism, it is very important in life, but I believe it’s all in the delivery. We may not love every logo design, TV campaign out there, but you don’t have to rubbish it publicly without offering any useful feedback.

Furthermore with all the talk of women sticking together and the unrealistic portrayals in the media of women, why do they still chose to cut each other down with such severity. Don’t know, but my Mum always taught me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth firmly shut.

If you want to check the blog out here is the link Read it then scroll down and take a look at some of the comments.

Finally good on Sarah for holding her head high, and moving on from the faceless crap that was dished to her by people who should know better.

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