The Census Revolution

Census year, it doesn’t come around often, but when it does it is obviously a huge operation. Millions of forms, distribution, collection, handling enquiries (not to mention the input of data and reporting of the results).

What I am massively impressed with this year is the ability to complete forms online and the social media promotion of the Census. Lots of young people, particularly Gen Y have never done a Census themselves. While many people consider Census as a bit of a joke, and put in stupid answers like Jedi as a religion. Some people also claim it is too ‘Big Brother’ like, so chose not to participate.

I fall into neither of these categories, I fill my Census in honestly and accurately. A geek? Maybe. But I think it’s a great way to get insight into our country during a certain period of time.

The revolution this year comes through the strong social media support the Census has, along with it’s heavy push for people to fill it out online. Triple J’s breakfast show has even embarked on mini campaign to beat Canada’s 40% of the population completing the Census online.

Advertising campaigns at the big music festival – Splendor in the Grass (Splendor of the Census), a Twitter account with over 11,000 followers and a Facebook page with nearly 9000 likes. Census is obviously not glamorous or sexy, but what I have loved about the way it has been promoted, particularly to the youth demographic is the humorous and fun tone taken. The online chatter, radio talk and uptake of people following and interacting in the lead up has been huge. Not only has the Census educated and increased awareness to a new market, but they have genuinely engaged and interacted with them.

So in preparation for tonight, check out the promotional activities behind getting everyone engaged and completing the Census as accurately as possible.!/2011CensusAustralia!/2011Census

In summary, clever and well rounded marketing for what must be a mammoth task. Props to those who have worked on communicating the 2011 Census to our country.

PS: Fill it out properly, it won’t kill you.

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