The Schnapple* Revolution

Two weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade ye ol’ mobile phone device. I was quite happy with my old phone, but I decided it was time to get something new (yay, consumerism!)

I strolled into the unnamed phone carrier company store and my name was written down on a clipboard. I was told to get in line before I could even talk to someone about my options. After 10 minutes it was my turn and the sales assistant asked what I needed help with. ‘I want a (rhymes with) Myphone’. She took my request and we proceeded through the steps it took for me to become one of the cool kids. I was now at the forefront of technology! (Two years after everyone else).

I told my housemate about my new purchase and she said ‘I kind of want one, but I don’t want to be one of those people on the tram playing with their Myphones.’ Was she right? Was it some kind of disease?

The toughest decision of the day was whether I wanted black or white. The sales assistant didn’t even bother trying to explain my alternative options. I think it was fairly clear I had been brainwashed by the ‘Schnapple Revolution.’

Later that day at the pub a friend who is a phone salesman went on a massive rant about how he doesn’t like Schapple and its power over the people. He then proceeded to show us his phone (brand I have already forgotten) and explained why it was as good as the Myphone but much cheaper. He said the only reason why people bought the Myphone was because of its name.

He was right. Only hours before, I had walked into the shop and stated what I wanted, much like when I was a child and stated I want a Bubble O Bill ice cream, without considering any other options.

I was ashamed. Three years of studying how media controls people and I had fallen into the trap. I hit my forehead with my palm.

However, I soon got over it as I spent the next few hours loading my music on, taking photos and uploading them to Caselook, finding what Apps I could download and figuring out how to turn the screen on the side to type text messages (still haven’t mastered that one).

Although I’m sure there are plenty of other phones out there which can do plenty of amazing things, they weren’t even considered. Schnapples world domination is well and truly in effect. They did it before anyone else and they do it the best.

Well played Schnapple. Well played.

*brand names have been changed

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