Four ‘n twenty pies – Legendary Angus

This is just a short one to say thanks to Four ‘n Twenty pies for producing a great advert is a space that is often very crowded.

If you haven’t seen the ‘Legendary Angus’ advert its starts on a traditional construction site and pans to workers looking oddly at some Scottish workers who have turned up in kilts. The advert goes on to show why wearing kilts on a construction site isn’t a great idea.

The advert is funny and makes you laugh every time you see it. It’s well executed and brings the brand through strongly as well as highlighting the new ingredient of Angus beef as part of the pies.

I love this advert as it targets its core market perfectly and uses advertising’s best hook, humour, to get people engaged.

You have to hand it to Four ‘n Twenty. This is the brand that brought Australian’s the ‘Magic Salad Plate’ campaign, where they actually distributed plates that made it look like people were eating salad with their pie to appease the fairer sex.

The Legendary Angus advert is just another advert in a series of great campaigns for this brand. Keep up the great work.

Legendary Angus

Magic Salad Plate Advert

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