Tablet Content – I don’t think the content is king yet!

Tablets? Do you have one yet? Maybe not, if you don’t now, I bet you this time next year you definitely will. Apple IPAD growth is expected to be 55% from now until 2012, with non Apple tablet device shipments set to grow by 134% in 2012. The biggest problem this production and up take growth presents is that content creation and the way it is provided is not keeping up.

No doubt there are heaps of apps around, some are just fantastic. They are great for searching a restaurant, checking the weather, managing multiple social media platforms and obviously playing games.

However apps are not conducive to published and advertising content. Development costs and restrictions across operating systems makes applications often expensive and time consuming to present content. The great thing is, that there are some alternative options presenting themselves. Plugins to make published content look and feel like an app with all the great features an app offers (swipe function, beautifully presented content, excellent functionality) can now be achieved without building an app, but instead using plugin web based options.

This availability, and check out these guys, who are only a very young company, but one I believe is heading massively in the right direction for allowing fantastic content to be produced and shown on tablet devices without doing it through traditional app software. They are called OnSwipe

This period of time, when tablet growth is about to go boom, is the perfect opportunity for content creators and advertisers to experiment and pioneer to look at new and innovative ways to deliver fantastic content and ultimately great tablet user experiences. It is certainly a focus for us, but what people need to remember is everyone is still learning, new options are still coming into play, so keeping your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled is essential. A lot has been written on this topic, particularly from a publishers point of view, but I think advertisers, designers and creative studios need to jump on board and start creating fantastic content in new and different way.

Content is King, but importantly tablet devices provide a brilliant new platform to deliver this content, so lets start making them work together better.

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