Triple J Unearthed – Tipping their hat to Australian Artists

All of my fellow triple J listeners will have heard the news, however if you prefer the world of commercial radio, stay tuned (no pun intended), you will want to hear this too…

Last week Triple J announced the launch of Triple J Unearthed digital radio station that will be entirely dedicated to 100% Australian independent and unsigned acts launching October 5.

Now for those of us who don’t have a digital radio, which I imagine is about 98% of the population; it is going to be available online at

So why is this huge news? Well let me give you a little insight to Unearthed, if you’re not already familiar with it. Even if you’re not a triple J listener you would definitely know the talent that has emerged from the competition in previous years.

Since its iconic inception in the mid 1990’s Unearthed & Unearthed High has seen some of Australia’s most influential bands and artists hit the spotlight. Bands such as Grinspoon, Killing Heidi, Missy Higgins, Young & Restless, Little Red, Art Vs Science, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Washington, Jezabels, Gypsy & the Cat, & Boy & Bear, just to name a few, have launched their careers through Unearthed.

So what does this mean? It’s going to be a huge boost for the Australian music scene.

Radio broadcasting in Australia carries an obligation to play 25% of Australian-made music between 6am and midnight. Only 6.25% of this content needs to be new Australian Music. However many commercial radio stations generally get around this by playing classic Aussie hits or having Australian only late night segments. Which makes it that much harder for budding Australian artists to have their music heard.

However, Triple J has always been a huge advocate for recognising Australian talent. Now with the launch of the new Unearthed Radio station it is going to provide a national outlet for emerging artists to develop and be discovered.

So keep an ear out for the new Aussie talent which is surely going to emerge through Unearthed Radio.


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