MSFW a la Salvos Stores style

It had been three months of organising and finally the day had arrived. I woke up early and made sure I had a substantial breakfast (peanut butter on toast) and put my game face on. I threw the extra clothes, stickers, and box of tricks into ‘Minxy’ who had been the vehicle that had carried this project on her little wheels.

As I drove to the location with my music blaring I had my fingers crossed that I hadn’t forgotten anything and that everything ran smoothly.

Let’s just wind it back a second. It seemed like an eternity ago when Rachel and I first met with the events coordinator at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week headquarters (which was every girl’s office dream!). After going through a gruelling application process we were accepted to be part of one of Melbourne’s biggest events; Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Then the panic set in. I had never organised a fashion show! Where were we going to find models? What theme should we choose? How are we going to collect all the clothes in time?

Our location was set; North Melbourne Salvos Stores on Errol street. We checked out the location, which was quite trendy and the store was a good size. The only issue were the gosh darn poles which ran along one side of the proposed runway. Oh well, gotta roll with the punches.

We called our trusty friend Claire who had styled the Salvos Stores website look book. She agreed to style the show. A theme of high tea, Spring carnival and outdoor picnic was decided on. Claire and I spent two whole days driving around to the different Salvos Stores and collecting clothes for the show. Our record was eight stores in one day! It was great to see all the different stores I had not been to and witness all the amazing things Claire was able to dig up. I decided a wise move was to leave my wallet at home. An avid op shopper myself, on those days I loved my job!

Next, we held a briefing to meet all the people who had volunteered to do hair and makeup, model and backstage assistants. All the people who came were great, except no female models showed up! Oh dear. I did not fancy walking down the runway myself. I followed up models and was able to get together enough for the show.

We had to arrange all other aspects like locking down the florist and cupcake sponsors, finalising hair and makeup looks, organising stock for the store, allocating staff to do enticing windows, invite lists, running order, who was wearing what, stage construction, posters and flyers to advertise the event, teacups and saucers for the high tea, a lawn runway, DJ, emcee, runway music, and screen.

The biggest issue was how are we going to fit forty people and racks of clothes in the back room area! It all came together fine on the day (apart from a model prima donna and a small wardrobe malfunction). The store looked amazing which was a huge credit to Salvos Stores staff. People showed up, the outfits were fabulous, the store sold a lot of clothing and the cupcakes were delicious.

As the last model walked down the runway I breathed a sigh of relief. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it to see the final result.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time/services for Salvos Stores to put this event together. Big ups to all those who attended as well and my partners in crime Simmone, Rachel and Laura.

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