Do Smart Phones Ruin Lives?

A couple of months ago I crossed over to the ‘dark side’ by buying my first ‘ myphone’. I was initially amazed at all the things you can do with it, the apps you can download and the games you can play on it.

I am still amazed but to some extent feel like the use of myphone is a kind of poison infecting my sanity and lifestyle.

I was always one to look down on those who texted at the dinner table or took hour long unimportant calls while in the company of others. This myphone has changed me. My housemates and I happily sit in our lounge room Facebooking each other on phones and laptops instead of actually talking.

Don’t get me wrong…some of the myphone functions are ridiculously handy, but the majority aren’t essential to everyday living.

I used to wander around the city like a stunned mullet stumbling across new places on my way to find the location I was actually looking for. Those days are long gone. I am never lost because my new BFF Google Maps is always there to guide me in the quickest route. Never again will I find that random cute bar, the coffee shop with the massive muffins or quirky vintage shop. Discovering new drinking spots, coffee shops and vintage stores makes me very happy. Life will never be the same again.

I was particularly alarmed the other day when a four year old picked up myphone, went into the App store and downloaded a game titled (emotional animal). Thinking about their generation and how they will use Smart Phones makes me nauseous.

I tried an exercise app which tells you all sorts of amazing stats like how far you have run and how fast you are going. I didn’t rate it. Isn’t in a given that I’m running slower in my 25th minute than my 5th minute? You don’t have to rub it in lady.

My housemates and friends will concur that I am losing something every five minutes. It used to be fine, as I would have to lose a lot of different objects before I cracked. Now when I misplace myphone I lose my phone, music, diary, camera, contacts, entertainment and the ability to think for myself all in one hit.

Not to mention keeping up with friends pheeeeewwww! I am overwhelmed. Texting seems to have gone out the window these days (who wants to pay for it?). Instead I have four different conversations with the same people going on through Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber!

And as if being on the computer all day isn’t bad enough. I am so glued to myphone I seriously fear the square eyes Mum warned me about as a kid. Perhaps I should invent an app to record how square my eyes are based on the amount of hours spent in front of any various screens….

Do you love your Smart Phone or fear its powers? Tell me more!

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