11 Years on and the fun continues

On Thursday night 20th October, we had our first office party to celebrate the move to the new office in Abbotsford from Preston and to celebrate our 11th year in business.

It was an interesting day to say the least. Unusually for Melbourne it was about 29 degrees and sunny and really windy. This made for interesting fun watching the guys put up the marquee and us asking them questions about retrieval costs if it blew off our balcony and ended up in the Yarra river.

From there we started to clean the office, we’ve never seen some of the desks so gleaming before. There were many uncovered treasures that were found.

But my favourite part of the day, was attempting to put up paper lanterns with my colleague Simmone in gale force winds, up a ladder in a dress with no shoes on. Good times all round. Being the supportive people that they are, the rest of the team watched amused from indoors as it took us over an hour to get 5 lanterns up. In the end (with no small thanks to some project managing from Laura), we managed to get all the lanterns up in time.

Guest started to arrive at 6pm, and so did the grey clouds. Nerds that we are, we had the Bureau of Metrology open watching the rain radar praying that the rain would pass over us and not destroy our paper lanterns. Our prayers worked, as we only got the edges of the storm which provided some relief from the unusual heat.

The party kicked off to some chilled tunes of Jeremy Bourke on guitar, which was followed by DJ Andrew Northover kicking the party into the next gear and taking us late into the night. Drinks and finger food were in abundance and a good time was had by all.

It was great to see clients and suppliers that we’d emailed and chatted to a thousand times, but never had the chance to meet in person. Putting faces to the names was great and having the chance to chat with everyone really made the night worthwhile.

It’s been eleven years since Daniel Melone started DGM on his own, and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved and where we are today.

Thanks to all our great clients and suppliers who’ve helped us get where we are, we couldn’t have done it without you.

PS. If you’re ever having a party and you need paper lanterns put up, you know who to call….

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About dgmadvertising

DGM Advertising are a full service, marketing, creative and advertising agency based in Melbourne. With 11 years in the business, DGM Advertising are a boutique agency who specailise in digital content, social media and online marketing.
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