Facebook for Businesses

Social Media is a fast paced, dynamic, ever changing area and it’s hard to keep up with the changes. We have a lot of businesses approaching us about getting involved with social media. Facebook is one of the largest and first platforms mentioned and with nearly 10 million Australian connected to Facebook, why wouldn’t you want to be in this space?

To help businesses new to Facebook and social media, we’ve put together some tips for getting into the space. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it will give you some ideas to get started.

1. Connect and Engage
Connect with your audience by posting photos and videos. Use Facebook as a way to show your brand personality, not just sell the marketing line.

2. Power of Suggestion
Suggest your company page to your friends, colleagues and suppliers to help begin to grow your network.

3. Tag, you’re it!
Tag other company pages who are related to your brand in your status updates, to engage with other businesses to connect with your brand, so you can in turn tap into their networks.

4. Make it personal
Have a photo of a team member or ‘behind the scenes’ at your office, giving your audience hidden insights to your business that they can’t get anywhere else.

5. Update daily
Monitoring your Facebook page once a week, isn’t going to endear you to your target market. Make sure you’re online daily, checking, updating and responding to your fans. It doesn’t have to take all day, even 20 minutes a day will make the difference.

6. Facebook Advertising
With paid advertising you can start to communicate with nearly 10 million Australians, so it’s a cost effective way to advertise. Look into different options, there isn’t any set cost so you can work to any budget.

7. Integrate, integrate, integrate.
If you’re going to use Facebook to promote your business, integrate it throughout all your marketing activities; don’t just use it by itself. Include your social media icons on your email signature, have a link to your website with live updates when you post something, include it on your brochures, business cards and advertising campaigns.

8. Give it a go.
Sometimes it takes trial and error to get see what works for your business. Try offering vouchers, running competitions and polls and see what works best for your business. Don’t be afraid to try new things. There is no one concrete path to success, so give it a go.

9. Get an insight
Facebook provides you with a ‘View Insights’ section which allows you to view insights to your page. This includes who is connecting with your brand, page impressions and a breakdown of your connections. Its a great tool for monitoring the success of your page.

10. Have fun with it
If you’re having fun, so will the people you’re engaging with. Social media is meant to be just that – social. So don’t get too caught up making everything too corporate and perfect, be social.

If you’re after more information on Facebook or making social media work you, feel free to contact us at DGM Advertising.

Happy Facebooking!

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DGM Advertising are a full service, marketing, creative and advertising agency based in Melbourne. With 11 years in the business, DGM Advertising are a boutique agency who specailise in digital content, social media and online marketing.
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