Melbourne – It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

I was in the Melbourne last night wandering around the city. And it never ceases to amaze me how incredible the City of Melbourne is.

I walked passed a crowed Federation Square and all the primary school kids with their parents heading into the St Paul’s for end of year celebrations.

Further along in City Square aptly named “Christmas Square.” This was a set up garden, with giant pine trees coming out of gift boxes and such, but it didn’t really inspire me (maybe because I know how much the City of Melbourne spent on it), but it was a nice touch anyway. There were people (tourists and cynical Melbournians alike) taking photos getting into the spirit of Christmas.

A little further on, next to the giant chess set (yes people who don’t live in Melbourne, we have a giant chess set in the middle of town), there was a 75 year old gentleman putting on a performance, which included dancing and grooving to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it.”

As I continued down Swanston street, I got to marvel at all the Christmas decorations everywhere from giant Nutcracker men statues and huge Christmas wreaths, not to mention an extra large post box, with no standing except for reindeers.

I stopped for some sushi (a must for me when in the city) and then headed down Bourke Street. Bourke Street will always be a wonder. I had to walk past horses and carriages to get to the main shopping area and from there in the middle of Bourke Street there was a live donkey. Go figure.

I got the chance to admire the beautiful Myer Christmas windows, whilst being serenaded by the sounds of Andean pipes and a range of singers.

As I stood taking all of this in, it made me feel very excited about Christmas and happy that I get to live in one the best cities in the world, where no two days are the same.

I’m a Melbourne local (lived in Victoria all my life), which is why I love Melbourne so much, but I’d love to hear what else is happening in other cities around Australia. Post a comment and tell us why you love your city this Christmas.

Posted by Rach

City Sqauare, AKA Christmas Square

Christmas Sqaure

Bourke Street, Melbourne

Myer Christmas Windows


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