Qantas – breeds great discussion

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you will be more than familiar with the issues poor old Qantas have been having recently. The unions, the controversial grounding, the Twitter debacle, and the amorous pilot! These disasters, issues or whatever you want to call them, happening in such a short time frame to one of Australia’s most (if not the most) iconic brands is quite remarkable.

Dinner time conversation, social media banter, and becoming the butt of many a joke is never a good thing. This is the one case where the old adage, ‘Any publicity is good publicity’ does not ring true. Really I am sure all Qantas wants is firstly – a resolution with the unions and secondly – a bit of quiet time.

I am not writing this blog however to discuss their recent activities, reactions and dissect the brand. I want to discuss how enjoyable and intriguing it is to have these discussions in general. Aside from the comments from your Mum, “Make sure you don’t fly Qantas at the moment, you might not get there”, I think there is some thoughtful and intelligent discussion amongst people in our industry about the brand, its recovery and where it goes to from here.

Australian’s like nothing more than dissecting what has happened, expressing their opinion and finding a solution (or sometimes just sticking the old boots in), particularly to anything public. I have been doing some reading in some of our industries most respected publications and have really enjoyed the pro and con opinions by fellow marketers. I suppose it is easy for all of us to sit back and say how we would have handled it, but in the heat of the moment, the pressure of the public eye and the media – who knows?

But this is the beauty of not working for the marketing, social media or public relations team at Qantas. We can sit back subjectively and give our opinion. Here at DGM we have had some hectic weeks in the past couple of months, all great because there is nothing like being busy, however when feeling the pressure I have on more than one occasion commented to the team “At least we are not working in the Qantas PR Department”. The standard response is usually a chuckle and nod of agreement.

So where to from here for Qantas? I have no idea, if it was me, I would hope for 1-2 months of quiet, a non eventful Christmas period, and then a big regroup in 2012. Brand loyalty, Australian icon, public opinion, faith and trust all needs to be addressed in the New Year, but for the next 3 weeks, I hope they get a little peace, if just for the sanity of the PR team.

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