Share a Coke campaign – Hitting the mark this Summer

Coca Cola has to be one of the most recognisable brands on the market, however over the last couple of months they have replaced their well known label with people’s names for the Share a Coke’ summer campaign.

Coke has tried to represent a cross section of the Australia’s multicultural population by choosing 150 of the most popular names.

However, someone in the office had asked the question… having your name on a coke can, does that make you special or does that just mean you have an incredibly generic Christian name? Well as someone who never sees her name on anything, I would feel special.

Even before the more recent fad of spelling names ‘creatively’ like Kristoefer, Ju-Leigh, Sk8er, Aliczandar & Emmaleig (yes I have actually seen this spelling before), my parents were a little ahead of the game when they decided on the spelling of my name. So as a kid standing in a store searching through personalised keys rings, bedroom door signs, notepads or for anything with my name on it… I had no chance. It’s hard enough finding a Simone let alone a Simmone with a double M.

However, in an effort not to leave anyone out, Coke have set up stations around Westfields Shopping Centres where people like me can finally have your name immortalised on a can. I don’t have a Westfield anywhere close to me, but I have to admit I have actually thought about making the 40 minute drive just to get it done. But I guess I’m not the only one who has wanted to go out of their way. Apparently, 126,000 cans were printed within five weeks of launch.

Besides personalised bottles, cans, billboards and adverts their Facebook page has been highly interactive. You can now, share a virtual coke can with a friend or download one of the 150 individual songs written about each name. Their Facebook page is covered with people sharing their opinion on who you should ‘share a coke with…’ But this campaign goes well pass the Coke Facebook page. My own personal Facebook wall is flooded with profile pictures of Coke cans and friends posting pictures of cans and bottles to each other.

This campaign has managed to seamlessly integrate itself into everyday conversation, social media and people’s psyche. I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard about someone seeing a Coke can with a friend’s name on it or someone reaching into an esky and pulling out a name of someone who is significant to the moment.

Not only has this campaign gone viral but it has to have translated into direct sales. I can’t be the only one who has been guilty of walking into a store and coming out with a Coke, even though I had no intention of buying one, simply because it has a friend or family members name on it. I also can’t be the only one guilty of standing in the Supermarket isle for way too long trying to decide which names I want to take home.

So if you too have been guilty of telling a ‘share a coke’ story or posted something about it on your Facebook page, then you too have inadvertently become a Coke Brand Advocate just like thousands of other Aussies. Well done to Coke for an innovative and clever marketing campaign

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