Presentation is the key

My role at DGM Advertising as Salvos Stores Marketing Coordinator involves me spending much time visiting Salvos Stores. A keen vintage shopper myself, this expands to not only at work but on the weekends as well.

Last year, Salvos Stores decided to close down their old store in Chapel Street, after 15 years at that location. The store has been very successful due to wonderful staff and volunteers as well as being the ideal location for vintage shoppers. Salvos Stores wanted to open up a bigger space and was able to get the lease to the old Patterson Cake Shop site. Regional Manager Kim wanted to ensure the new store was different to anything that had previously been done at Salvos Stores.

DGM Advertising has been heavily involved in the design and planning of the new Windsor Salvos Stores. DGM Principal Daniel provided initial floor plans and ideas for the shop fit-out including scaffolding clothing racks and a vintage TV wall.

Seeing the store finally open in December has been exciting to see the finished product of everyone’s hard work. While the store was opening in Melbourne, I was holidaying in New York. While I was there I stumbled across two different Salvation Army stores – one in Brooklyn and one in Soho.

Not being able to resist I went inside the stores to have a look around. The stores were nightmarish. They were unorganised, run down and the clothing there would have no way measured up to Salvos Stores standards.

It was a nice feeling being able to compare these stores to the ones I frequently visit and feel really impressed and proud of the standards Salvos Stores strives to achieve in their stores every day. It is frequently mentioned how the organisation has transformed over the last five years. I now realise how true that statement is.

I can’t wait to officially launch Windsor Salvos Stores on March the 2nd. According to a young teenage girl who walked into the store last week it is ‘the best op shop ever!’

Keep an eye on the Salvos Stores Facebook page for more information on the Windsor Salvos Stores Launch.

Posted by Bridget

Salvation Army Store in New York

Salvation Army Store in New York

Windsor Salvos Stores, Chapel Street, Melbourne

Windsor Salvos Stores, Chapel Street, Melbourne


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