Hopefully many of you have already seen this video, if you have it is in this blog and take the 28 odd minutes to watch it. I guarantee you, that you will be inspired, enlightened and changed. Hopefully from all that you will take action.

The KONY 2012 video has exploded on the social media scene, going viral, being shared, tweeted about and even more importantly talked about face to face. It is easily the most exemplary example of utilising social media with the power of the world to care I have ever seen. Let’s not be mistaken though in assuming it is a quick social fad, everyone shares then forgets – incorrect. The maker has been working on this for over 8 years, and millions of people have watched and pledged to support already. The execution in demanding action is simple: Share, Donate $2 a month or buy an Action Kit.

Visit kony2012.com for all the details. What has made this so amazing is it is something that has been happening for 20 years. Children being stolen, raped, mutilated and forced to act as soldiers doing unspeakable things. 20 years! I willingly admit my ignorance in saying I have not heard of Joseph Kony, number 1 on the Worlds Worst Criminal List. But a Wednesday morning scan of Facebook saw some of my friends sharing the video. Peaking interest I watched, along with a lot of other people in the office. It has been shared on organisational pages, client pages, supplier pages, friends pages and so on.

The power of not only social media, but peoples ability to care is evident. No borders, no restrictions. Everyone has been moved and then hopefully take action. It is the most amazing example of millions of ‘little’ people, giving or doing something little, resulting in a deafening noise and most of all results. It makes you think what if all the worlds problems could be solved simply by awareness, sharing and small actions by the worlds billions of people.

What has already been achieved through awareness and fund-raising has been highly substantial, with the ultimate goal of capturing this disastrous human. If you don’t do anything else today, watch the video, pledge and maybe buy a poster or a bracelet. It is cheaper than a pot of beer, and if we all did it, we will hopefully be not only witness to something world changing but an active contributor.

DGM are strategizing the best way we can make some noise in Melbourne, any suggestions welcome!

If you haven’t had a chance to see the video, then please take the time to watch.

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