Extreme can take you from ordinary to extraordinary

At some point in our lives we’ve all looked at people who do extreme things, ultra marathons, high altitude mountain climbing, no ropes rock climbing etc and thought one of two things:

Option 1: Wow – that person is simply amazing, I wish I could do that
Option 2: That person is insane.

This morning, I got out of bed at 5:55am in a complete daze, wondering again why I think breakfast meetings are a good idea. I got to the RACV club inhaled my first coffee and braced myself for polite conversation at 7am.

But by 9am I left the RACV Club, completely and utterly inspired and looking at life from a whole new perspective.

What happened between my 7am coffee and 9am you ask? No it wasn’t the breakfast (which on a side note was quite delicious this morning, good work RACV club), it was a talk by Tristan Miller.

Some of you may have heard of Tristan Miller. He’s the crazy guy who decided to do 52 marathons in 52 weeks all over the world. Bet most of you are now leaning to the option two (he’s insane), and before I heard him speak, I would have agreed.

The most inspiring part of his story, isn’t the marathons themselves (which when you hear he did them over mountain ranges, in extreme heat and in Antarctica) are impressive, it’s the story behind how he got to the point where he decided to take this path.

Tristan wasn’t some fitness super freak to start with who you see running 20km at 5am every morning, rain, hail or shine, he was an ordinary guy with an ordinary life, working 9 to 5. But then his life took an unexpected turn, his marriage broke up. After drinking for a few months, he reached a cross roads, keep drinking (which always seems like a good option at the time) or do something that made him feel good and gave him a sense of achievement – running.

So run he did. Started out with a few kms and eventually ran his first half marathon, never thinking in a million years he would ever be able to do a full marathon. But then inspired by a colleague he entered his first marathon and finished it, despite the pain, despite everything in his body telling him to give up. Crossing that finishing line, changed his life forever.

Tristan made the decision to live the life he always wanted, which was traveling around the world, whilst achieving a hard physical goal, hence the marathons. And he achieved what he set out to.

What I learnt this morning:

You can sit at your desk all day, wishing that you were one of those people who lead an exciting life while your friends email you about their adventures, or you can take your life with both hands and live the life you always wanted. All life is a choice, you just have to have the balls to take the first step.

Thanks Tristan for the inspirational talk, you’ve changed my thoughts about getting up at 5:55am for breakfast meetings, helped me change the way I look at my life and maybe given me the inspiration to one day run a marathon myself.

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