Megan Quinn – A wonderful speaker…

On Wednesday 4th July, I had the privilege to attend a VECCI Women in Business luncheon. These events are always renowned for having fantastic speakers and lots of great businesswomen keen to connect, discuss ideas and generally enjoy each others company – Wednesday was no different.

All of those things make the events really valuable, but on this particular occasion it was keynote speaker Megan Quinn, who made the luncheon one of the most memorable I have ever been to. She was a good speaker in terms of her presence, but she was an amazing speaker in terms of her content. She is the part founder of website sensation – net–a-porter (for the guys out there who have not heard of the site, it is a luxury label online store for women). In the 90s, Megan was not only ahead of her time creatively and developmentally, but also a shining example of never forgetting the fundamentals of good business.


 I want to share her key points from her experience in business, and importantly the establishment of net-a-porter:

  • Success has many parents, failure is an orphan. This was her opening statement and something she founded many points on. It was not just one individual who made net-a-porter successful – but all the valuable contributors.
  • Always respect your investors money and support.
  • Find a unique offering, and know your audience.
  • Nurture your staff and always use kindness.
  • Exceed peoples expectations – always.
  • Collaborate.

For the many walks of life at the luncheon on Wednesday, I don’t think there was one out of the 400 people who did not relate to Megan’s points. We all took something valuable away from it which we could execute in our business lives. Congratulations VECCI for securing a truly wonderful keynote speaker who genuinely provided honest insight, I hope I get the opportunity to hear from Megan again.           

-Posted by Laura


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