Salvos Stores Pop Up Store

Coming off the back of a tough financial year for retailers, our client Salvos Stores came to us wanting to start the new financial year with a bang. The team at DGM came together to brainstorm ideas about how to help Salvos Stores achieve sales budgets through an innovative marketing campaign.

One thing that amazes me is how long The Salvation Army has been re-selling second hand goods for. Although vintage shopping has become HUGE in the past 10 years, Salvos Stores has been recycling clothing and other items a century (literally!) before it was trendy.

In 1883 The Salvation Army started its Prison Brigade which was the first form of the modern Salvos Stores. The Prison Brigade was put in place to rehabilitate men who had just been released from prison. They collected, sorted and recycled donated goods to fund the program.

Incorporating this amazing history was the crux to this campaign. The tagline ‘The Original Trendsetter est. 1883’ was formed. We also wanted to remind customers that their purchase helps fund The Salvation Army programs. We developed the secondary tagline ‘Changing lives for over 100 years’.

Once the taglines were decided on, the fun stuff really begins. DGM’s Creative Department had the job of coming up with awesome artwork, which was unlike anything Salvos Stores had done before. They created a concept which showed off three different eras of fashion. The artwork illustrated how long Salvos Stores has been in existence and showed the variety of vintage clothing which can be found at Salvos Stores.

Meanwhile, the Marketing Department put our heads together to think about mediums for the campaign. We decided to run a one-off pop up store as a publicity driver. A PR campaign was decided on to communicate Salvos Stores history.


We decided the most valuable mediums would be Adshel transport panels, MX paper and in store advertising. In addition, we decided to run a ‘treasure hunt’ in July through Salvos Stores Facebook page. Every morning, a buried treasure item was announced that could be found in stores. Shoppers needed to find the item in a Salvos Store to receive a 50% off clothing voucher.

The pop up store was held on Friday the 13th of July at Flinders Street Station. It was a mental day with the store bursting at the seams with clothing, accessories and bric a brac. People wanted to buy things early and the register going non-stop. We had a Channel 31 interview and the team from Nova had to spruik over the top of a loud busker! We gave out 900 Salvos Stores show bags in three hours. An exhausting day but well worth it!

We were very proud of the end result of the campaign artwork, pop up store and PR campaign. I can’t wait to work on more exciting campaigns for Salvos Stores later in the year. Stay tuned!


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