Tablet Devices – Growth, Trends and Top 5 Considerations for Business

Depending on what study you read (or Google), the growth rate in tablet ownership across Australia varies. However what we do know is that 75 million tablet devices have been purchased worldwide since their release in 2010. This growth in a new device (although small in comparison to smart phone ownership and PC’s) presents new opportunity for businesses to communicate to their client base in an engaging and penetrating manner.

Growth and Trends

  • A Deloitte study predicts that throughout 2012 – 5% of tablets purchased will be by households that already own a tablet device.
  • This means that given the tablet market is only 3 years old it will be the most rapid growth rate of multi-ownership of any device in history (including phones, TV’s, mobile phones, PC’s and smart phones).
  • 40% of smart phone and tablet owners now use them while watching TV.
  • Tablet owners are more likely to shop online.


Source – Q2 Data, Neilson, 2011

What is most interesting, and where I believe the biggest opportunity for business is; is the way people are consuming their content. A growing number of people do not sit and consume content via one device or platform. When was the last time you watched TV, without scanning through your emails on your phone, or checking Facebook on your tablet? The below table shows trends of multi-tasking or multi-consuming:


Top 5 Considerations

  1. How does your business present on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)? Are you using any Flash on your website? If so get rid of it as it is not iOS compatible.
  2. Can consumers share your information, and transact in some way with your business?
  3. If more and more people are consuming other content and using their tablet simultaneously, how can you promote your brand, product or service to them?
  4. Do the platforms you participate on compliment each other and allow for connection and integration?
  5. What future plans do you have to utilize mobile technology? Do you want to be a leader or a reactive follower?

I think by understanding the above information, and considering those key points, most businesses will soon concede they have a lot of planning and execution to do in order to fully capitalize on the business opportunity mobile devices offer. The possibilities are endless and I believe this space presents the biggest sole opportunity of growth and customer engagement improvement in any business communications area.

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