Brand Identity…Important for the Average Joe

Brand identity has never been bigger. I’m not just talking about house hold names and billion dollar companies.
Some don’t realise the importance of branding at your local fish and chip shop, favourite bar, blog, music artist and even your own personal brand!

Picture your favourite café. What does the menu look like? What type of chair do you sit on? Why do you like the staff? What pattern does the barista put on your latte? All these small elements contribute to the café’s brand and why you like it.

Once a company has a concrete brand identity established, nothing can stop them. As long as the company continues to do the great things people expect from them, they can only get more successful.
It’s a major concern when organizations are confused about their brand and identity. They will struggle to capture their desired target market if brand personality is unclear. This often happens when individuals within management disagree about what the company should be and how it should be perceived.

This got me thinking, what brand do I have ultimate control over? My own personal brand was the only thing I could come up with.

It may seem ridiculous. You may not like the idea. But whether you like it or not, everyone has their own brand. Your brand is a combination of the way you act, how you talk and listen to people, the ideas you come up with, what you look like and what you’re interested in.

To further enforce the importance of self-branding I thought to myself why do I like Kanye West?
1. His music’s good and he knows his music’s good
2. The man knows how to dress
3. He always does songs with Jay-Z- I love Jay-Z
4. He’s dating Kim Kardashian – Great for entertainment purposes

In nearly any industry, it’s the people who are most aware of their personal brand, and use it to their advantage that are the most successful. It’s not necessarily the people that are the best at the job, but ones who can project they are. These geniuses know why people like working with them, and use that to their full advantage.

There is a whole industry based around self improvement from how to dress, talk and act successful. I’m still mastering the whole self-branding bit myself, but the more experienced I get, the more I realize how important it is.

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