An event of a different kind

On the networking events circuit, sometimes things can get a bit monotonous. The same people attending the same events, listening to the same speeches, at the same venues.
On Tuesday morning however, I experienced something fresh, exciting and inspiring – The League of Extraordinary Women!

What greeted me was a room of innovative, passionate women, all eager to take advantage of an opportunity to learn and share amongst the diverse group present. The venue was new, the speaker I had never heard of, and the number of attendees was just right.

What started with four young women struggling to find women’s events that met their needs, has quickly grown into one of the most exciting and largest groups for young female entrepreneurs in Australia since their first Melbourne event in September 2011.

What struck me the most was the lack of bull**** in the room – just genuine individuals keen to hear about interesting things happening in the industry. As well as ways to share, support, encourage and inspire each other in these endeavours.

Guest speaker, Dr Louise Greenstock PhD, gave a frank account of her career journey that has led her to develop Mind and Motive – her business that focuses professional coaching, mentoring and events for emerging female leaders.
Maybe I have been out of the loop, but prior to this I had thought people with life coaches were a bit loopy and a certain ‘type’. Apparently I have been misinformed! The amount of relatable things that she spoke about the different challenges women experience in their career aspirations was astounding.

It is rarity to attend an event where you want to swap cards with every person on your table, so it was to my surprise to chat to all those surrounding and have a genuine connection and interest into what they were doing! Another win for the morning!

I look forward to attending future The League of Extraordinary Women events, and encourage you to do the same 
Check out their website for more info.

-Posted by Lucy


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