Tablet Devices – Growth, Trends and Top 5 Considerations for Business

Depending on what study you read (or Google), the growth rate in tablet ownership across Australia varies. However what we do know is that 75 million tablet devices have been purchased worldwide since their release in 2010. This growth in a new device (although small in comparison to smart phone ownership and PC’s) presents new opportunity for businesses to communicate to their client base in an engaging and penetrating manner.

Growth and Trends

  • A Deloitte study predicts that throughout 2012 – 5% of tablets purchased will be by households that already own a tablet device.
  • This means that given the tablet market is only 3 years old it will be the most rapid growth rate of multi-ownership of any device in history (including phones, TV’s, mobile phones, PC’s and smart phones).
  • 40% of smart phone and tablet owners now use them while watching TV.
  • Tablet owners are more likely to shop online.


Source – Q2 Data, Neilson, 2011

What is most interesting, and where I believe the biggest opportunity for business is; is the way people are consuming their content. A growing number of people do not sit and consume content via one device or platform. When was the last time you watched TV, without scanning through your emails on your phone, or checking Facebook on your tablet? The below table shows trends of multi-tasking or multi-consuming:


Top 5 Considerations

  1. How does your business present on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)? Are you using any Flash on your website? If so get rid of it as it is not iOS compatible.
  2. Can consumers share your information, and transact in some way with your business?
  3. If more and more people are consuming other content and using their tablet simultaneously, how can you promote your brand, product or service to them?
  4. Do the platforms you participate on compliment each other and allow for connection and integration?
  5. What future plans do you have to utilize mobile technology? Do you want to be a leader or a reactive follower?

I think by understanding the above information, and considering those key points, most businesses will soon concede they have a lot of planning and execution to do in order to fully capitalize on the business opportunity mobile devices offer. The possibilities are endless and I believe this space presents the biggest sole opportunity of growth and customer engagement improvement in any business communications area.

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Salvos Stores Pop Up Store

Coming off the back of a tough financial year for retailers, our client Salvos Stores came to us wanting to start the new financial year with a bang. The team at DGM came together to brainstorm ideas about how to help Salvos Stores achieve sales budgets through an innovative marketing campaign.

One thing that amazes me is how long The Salvation Army has been re-selling second hand goods for. Although vintage shopping has become HUGE in the past 10 years, Salvos Stores has been recycling clothing and other items a century (literally!) before it was trendy.

In 1883 The Salvation Army started its Prison Brigade which was the first form of the modern Salvos Stores. The Prison Brigade was put in place to rehabilitate men who had just been released from prison. They collected, sorted and recycled donated goods to fund the program.

Incorporating this amazing history was the crux to this campaign. The tagline ‘The Original Trendsetter est. 1883’ was formed. We also wanted to remind customers that their purchase helps fund The Salvation Army programs. We developed the secondary tagline ‘Changing lives for over 100 years’.

Once the taglines were decided on, the fun stuff really begins. DGM’s Creative Department had the job of coming up with awesome artwork, which was unlike anything Salvos Stores had done before. They created a concept which showed off three different eras of fashion. The artwork illustrated how long Salvos Stores has been in existence and showed the variety of vintage clothing which can be found at Salvos Stores.

Meanwhile, the Marketing Department put our heads together to think about mediums for the campaign. We decided to run a one-off pop up store as a publicity driver. A PR campaign was decided on to communicate Salvos Stores history.


We decided the most valuable mediums would be Adshel transport panels, MX paper and in store advertising. In addition, we decided to run a ‘treasure hunt’ in July through Salvos Stores Facebook page. Every morning, a buried treasure item was announced that could be found in stores. Shoppers needed to find the item in a Salvos Store to receive a 50% off clothing voucher.

The pop up store was held on Friday the 13th of July at Flinders Street Station. It was a mental day with the store bursting at the seams with clothing, accessories and bric a brac. People wanted to buy things early and the register going non-stop. We had a Channel 31 interview and the team from Nova had to spruik over the top of a loud busker! We gave out 900 Salvos Stores show bags in three hours. An exhausting day but well worth it!

We were very proud of the end result of the campaign artwork, pop up store and PR campaign. I can’t wait to work on more exciting campaigns for Salvos Stores later in the year. Stay tuned!


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Megan Quinn – A wonderful speaker…

On Wednesday 4th July, I had the privilege to attend a VECCI Women in Business luncheon. These events are always renowned for having fantastic speakers and lots of great businesswomen keen to connect, discuss ideas and generally enjoy each others company – Wednesday was no different.

All of those things make the events really valuable, but on this particular occasion it was keynote speaker Megan Quinn, who made the luncheon one of the most memorable I have ever been to. She was a good speaker in terms of her presence, but she was an amazing speaker in terms of her content. She is the part founder of website sensation – net–a-porter (for the guys out there who have not heard of the site, it is a luxury label online store for women). In the 90s, Megan was not only ahead of her time creatively and developmentally, but also a shining example of never forgetting the fundamentals of good business.


 I want to share her key points from her experience in business, and importantly the establishment of net-a-porter:

  • Success has many parents, failure is an orphan. This was her opening statement and something she founded many points on. It was not just one individual who made net-a-porter successful – but all the valuable contributors.
  • Always respect your investors money and support.
  • Find a unique offering, and know your audience.
  • Nurture your staff and always use kindness.
  • Exceed peoples expectations – always.
  • Collaborate.

For the many walks of life at the luncheon on Wednesday, I don’t think there was one out of the 400 people who did not relate to Megan’s points. We all took something valuable away from it which we could execute in our business lives. Congratulations VECCI for securing a truly wonderful keynote speaker who genuinely provided honest insight, I hope I get the opportunity to hear from Megan again.           

-Posted by Laura

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Happy days at DGM!



So my day of reckoning had arrived. I had been a lady of leisure for the best part of eight weeks and my holiday bubble was about to burst. No more mid-week vinos or late night Harry Potter movie marathons, reality had arrived thick and fast.  As the newly appointed Marketing Coordinator for DGM Advertising, I was a little apprehensive, yet excited heading into my first day at the office in the brown surrounds of the Yarra River. My corporate apparel was dusted off and in I went with high hopes.

Day 1

 First impressions do last and my experience on the first day at DGM was nothing short of stellar.  The lovely folk at DGM Advertising made the transition smooth, enjoyable and exciting, although hectic at times! The people around me were enthusiastic about their vision, respective jobs and company ethos. There is something to be said for creative folk and on meeting Simmone, I was amazed to learn she was going on a holiday chasing twisters in the bible belt of the USA. This was amazing to learn! People here are fun, adventurous and have a zest for life.


My first week was straight into work and briefings. I worked on a series of press releases which gave me a good insight into the clients I would be working with. Further to this, I was in and out of various meetings with diverse and interesting clients all week long.  The network breakfast seminars were a wonderful opportunity to fraternise with many interesting individuals from different areas of marketing, education and advertising. I have to be honest and confess, I love my food and the breakfast spreads were sumptuous, kudos to the chef!!

There were so many concepts, visions and ideas to absorb during my first weeks and I found myself constantly taking notes.  I was once again like a university student in a lecture theatre, feverishly scribbling away, but to write is to learn.

Drawing on the end of my third week now at DGM Advertising, I can honestly say that there is a reason why this company is a leader in its field. The people here enjoy what they do, and they say that if you love your job, you never work a day in your life.


Uplifting quote of the week

‘When I was five years old, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the project, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

– John Lennon

-Posted by Helen

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Real mates don’t let friends use IE

How most Web Designers/Developers feel about Internet Explorer.


– Posted by John

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Field Trip

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the new creative conference ‘Field Trip’. Unlike similar conferences like Semi-Permanent, Field Trip promised to give an insight into the actual working processes of the artists and designers themselves. This is something I’ve really wanted to see for a long time.

Often you see amazing work and you are baffled as to how the artist/designer created it. Sometimes you’ll get an overview or insight into their inspiration or their history at a conference but you rarely get to see how the work is created.

 Due to the competitive nature of the industry there seems to be a stigma surrounding sharing processes, tips and ‘secrets’. In this regard Field Trip is a breath of fresh air. It helped remove the shroud of mystery around some of these amazing artists and designers and provide a real insight into industry working practices. It was amazing to see these super talented people are actually human and not infallible design robots. Image

I have always felt that my working process was not always ‘best practice’ or as efficient as it could be. I assumed that the pros used the tools the way they ‘should’ be used. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. For example,  Beci Orpin, an amazing designer/illustrator only recently discovered the clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator after years of working in the industry and using the program! I was also surprised to see that the workflow used by motion graphics powerhouse 21-19 mirrored a lot aspects of my own.

While I did learn some tips and tricks from each of the speakers (especially illustrator Travis Price), the overriding theme seemed to be hard work. It doesn’t matter how you use the software, if it works for you that’s great. In an industry environment you may well streamline your process but as I saw from people like Beci Orpin, you don’t have to be a tech genius to create amazing work with the tools at hand.

 Field Trip was amazing and was run without a hitch which is a great feat considering it was their conference type event. I hope Field Trip comes back again next year as I would definitely go again.

-Posted by Cam

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Cam’s ‘Avengers ‘ Review


Go see the Avengers. Seriously. Right now……………………..


Why are you still reading this? GO SEE THE AVENGERS!




Best. Movie. Ever.

-Posted by Cam



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